Here's an amazing
scientific discovery

that claims to solve
the so-called mystery
of human nature

so we can achieve at last
human harmony:

a solar compass
to help us get our bearings

in the confusing jungle
of human thought

so we can end
the tragic trend

of human history

with enlightened reason
prevailing over
darkness in the human soul.

The claim here is that
it is Birthdate,
that provides us

with a very useful compass

to sort human nature

and make reason
and harmony happen.

Birthdate is too important
to leave to the
premises of astrology.

Birthdate is important
not because

of what happens on the day of birth

but because day of birth
happens to be
a mathematically profound

of our different environmental
for the first year of life

with respect to the sun

when our neural systems

their characteristic forms
of organization.

Birthdate is so important
the sun is of
central importance
in our environment

and the human neural system
has apparently evolved
to individuate

according to these different
environmental patterns,

i.e. "The Seasons"
finely divided.

Birthdate turns out to be
the long sought

key to untying that knot

known as the mystery
of Human Nature

by revealing that
human nature is actually a

circular spectrum
of different human natures.

Each to be studied individually

with its own forms
of neural organization,

and ways of making sense.

Differences in the amounts
of solar energy

we humans receive per day
in the Temperate Zone

vary more than 500%


as a sine wave
of one cycle per year.

So great a magnitude urges
birthdate be properly seen as
the predominant
environmental factor

compared with the other
environmental variables

science has studied,
as determinative

along with genetics,

in the human domain.
There exists in
the human neural system

a network
of at least 3 billion special
densely interconnected nerve cells

at the spinal cord's
interface with
the neural organs of the head

and extending also
along the length of the spinal cord
called the Reticular Formation

---actually, to be precise,
a functional subset of that network

called the Ascending
Reticular Activating System or ARAS---

with the role of integrating
operation of the nervous system

like an orchestra's conductor

by affecting virtually all
feedback control loops

among our various neural organs

and determining, in particular,
what we pay attention to
with our minds:

the scanning of our senses
in groups and sequences.

In other words,
these 10% of the 30 billion cells
of our entire nervous system
have the role of managing it.

Here is the biological

for profound
birth time differences

in that mysterious blur
we call human nature,

a mechanism for
fundamentally different

neural architectures

analogous to architectural differences
in electronic chip design.

Scientists have wondered
why so many of our nerve cells
are devoted to this task
compared with all other animals

most species of which
tend to have particular
times of year of birth
characteristic of their species.

Apparently, Nature's plan
for the human species

was to have a full variety
of neural architecture

and programming
according to birthdate:

A full variety
of different human natures

different approaches to reality
to evolve in competition
and cooperation with each other.

A huge Scientific Discovery
in the tradition of Copernicus

and Mendeleyev's discovery
of the periodic table
of the chemical elements.

No exaggeration:
A very big impact

on how we live in America.

We can discover
the birthdate factor

the birthdate phenomenon

the birthdate effect

the birthdate thing

as a whole people, together
by simply seeing on TV

what happens
when 100 people
of the same birthday

are interviewed one at a time

their similarities pointed out.

Once it is acknowledged
in the land
there really is something to it

that it is out there

the birthdate factor

to be recognized and seen,

with the benefit of knowing
that there is
a scientific reason

for why

birthdate could play
such a determinative role

in the various forms
human nature takes

it will be a public sensation

that could be explored

for the next thousand years

and then some!

As a whole people
we behold the circular form

of Human Nature

A Circular Birthday Spectrum

Like the Periodic Table
of the chemical elements

a way of usefully sorting
human phenomena:

The angular differences
on the circle

correspond mathematically
to phase angle

of the huge annual
solar energy sine wave

which human nature has evolved
to respond to

with different ways
of organizing the senses.

Angular relationships
among the birthdate natures

reflect the huge energies
and forces involved

the approximately
circular movement
of the earth

in its millions of miles
of orbital travel around the sun,

a day's journey:

about 1.6 million miles!

Your frequent flyer prize

for traveling so many
millions of miles:

take it, it's yours!

A solar powered compass.

You can have it with you always.

It's a conceptual compass
you can keep in your mind.

Attention to the crucially important
birthdate variable

will allow us to comprehend

the bewildering variety
of human ways of thinking

so we can learn
to reason together in groups

and make reason happen.

So we can achieve
human harmony
and justice.

A thriving democracy.
The New Paradigm we need

to accomplish
human harmony as based on


and reason's justice.

Some important findings:

People with birthdates
6 months

usually appreciate each other.

This is the best arrangement
for marriage

and partnerships generally.

Prison wardens
and nursing home managers,

for example, would do well
to put together
this combination

for roommates.

People of birthdates
3 months apart

rarely agree on anything.

They tend to
annoy each other.

This suggests

a long needed alternative
to bars

and whatever else
social activities
we offer in our
malfunctioning society

for us people
to meet potential mates

and make good friends`3R

and associates.

We face the need for us all
to have a chance to see
who else is out there

with the appropriate birthdate

for us to get along with
exceptionally well.

What was previously

a one in 100 chance,

to find just one
of a particular birthdate
(plus or minus one)

the idea advocated here
is that
we deliberately
create opportunities

for each of us to have, say, 
a hundred to consider
as potential mates,

a trillion to one improvement
over our current chances
of finding a satisfying mate

so we actually find
good satisfying mates

to share our lives with,

and good friends along the way.
Some further ideas
to try to get some feel for
how it will improve

the human condition?
More generally,
in dealing with the
interaction of minds

when we try to reason together,

like in group discussions,

attention to birthdate
will allow us to recognize

and deal with
the different ways
each have of making sense,

It will help us get a lot more from
the Old Testament, for example,

like, recognizing
that the right people

for us to make our judges

are apparently born
in mid-Winter:

corresponding to
the astrological group,


The Old Testament
offers that suggestion

in Jacob's deathbed pronouncement
about one of his 12 sons, Dan,

who, it is argued, represents
the midwinter
time of year of birth,

exclaiming that
human salvation

will occur

when such people
are made our judges.

"You shall judge
the people,

Oh, I await
the salvation!"  Gen 49

The connection
between birthdate
and political salvation

was noted 700 B.C.
by Confucius.

One translation,
"When a society
outgrows its social forms

it best make the transition
as peacefully as a snake

slides out of last year's skin.

That is accomplished
by someone
gathering the people

by first demonstrating
the value

of accurately measuring
the seasons."

hmmmm----Joe Friendly