Joe Friendly's Plan For Peaceful, but Total Revolution
You people of good will
who have hoped
reason might prevail:
A solution
to the problem
we face as a People
of this country,
of this planet,
How to save America
from its Decline.
Spelling out
what needs to be spelled out,
of an enlightened
social order,
a plan for
the salvation of America
and the world,
that will make us free
of our present
that is in the way of progress,
that has turned against us.
A citizen has worked out
the important first steps
An Alternative,
A Plan
For Peaceful,
But Total Revolution
In These United States
So public discourse
can proceed to the details
of implementation
with the confidence
there is a way
it can all fit together.
How we can create
a new reality
in which government
and economic power
and public communications
are in public hands:
Where everyone
can find work worth doing
a good life worth living
Where justice abounds
and truth
and human generosity.
The pen,
desktop publishing,
and desktop video
and the Internet
than the sword.
a chance for humanity
to overcome
the cruel grip
of the Establishment
upon the public mind.
The First Problem
to be addressed:
The rise
and domination
of the giant
commercial corporations,
including 7
that control
public communications.
by governments
of the activities
of the corporations
from the outside
is not effective enough
to control
their operations
to serve the public.
What is Needed:
People oriented
in favor of the public
and the planet
at the center
of the corporate
decision-making process.
Therefore, this
Revolutionary stand:
We, the People,
need to change
the legal framework of
our nation
so that we take over
of the giant
public corporations,
and with the participation
of the employees
choose new directors
truly committed
to serving the public
and doing right
by the employees
and the planet.
We need public
launched by a
revolutionary council,
of exemplary people who have
opposed the Establishment
what to do
with our Nation's wealth
our productive capability
our public communications networks
and our other
various industries
how to re-invent
our Federal Government
and our local
and State Governments
to function effectively
as instruments of the people.
Put it all up for
extensive public discussion
at the national level
led by a Revolutionary Council
and others they select
at the local and state level
using Alternative Media venues
at the start.
Proposed Nominees for this Revolutionary Steering Council
are listed on the last page.
The Revolution starts
with these people
discussing publicly
on video and over the internet:
What to decentralize
what goods to produce
how to produce them
how to distribute them
what services to provide
how workers should be treated
creating work worth believing in.
For the good of the planet
the path advocated here
is that we use
our productive capacity
to produce an
abundance of
high quality
durable necessities
that will be a
new standard
for the world.
We create a
and greatly simplify
the marketplace:
No more gimmicks
the straight truth
an end to the selling games
and wasteful packaging.
Publicly owned
Public Communications
providing a variety of avenues
for art and truth
to reach the public
Say, each citizen
to vote for one head of
7 National TV Networks
10 National Radio Networks
3 National Newsmagazines
3 National Newspaper chains
and revitalize
local newspapers
and local broadcasting
to serve
rather than
the public.
We stop using goods
as props for profit.
People instead of
business as usual.
Reason in the marketplace:
honesty's reason,
A new respect for the customer
as owner
A Renaissance in product design:
Goods that really are good
Functional design
An end
to the promotion of
as a marketing technique.
Optimizing design
for maximum satisfaction.
A rational
an end to deliberate waste
an end to
planned obsolescence.
Goods Made in America
we can again be proud of.
A new respect
for the employee as co-owner
quality and care
replacing the rush.
Presently our economy suffers
the bottleneck of
a lack of customers
because most of
our nation's wealth
is owned by only a few.
The revolution here proposed
provides a graceful way
of redistributing that ownership
that is, ownership of
the giant corporations,
to the people.
To try to keep
this revolution
a safety net for the rich:
a couple million or so
for each individual millionaire
and each member
of their immediate family
who loses out
because of this public takeover
of the nation's wealth.
We can easily afford
to be so generous
because there are so few
wealthy people in our country.
The top 10%  of our population
own 84% of the corporate stock,
The top 1%
own more corporate stock
than the bottom 90%.
One important issue
the political Right
and the Left
that is here resolved:
If Communism
stands for the collective
and Capitalism
for the individual,
we have enough
excess capacity
that we can afford
to experiment
with the full variety
of group and
individual ways
of decision-making
for institutions
and companies
in this perfect revolution,
opportunity for all modes:
group consensus,
and merely group majority,
and democratically chosen
individual leaders,
and committees
of representatives,
and committees of partners,
and individual bosses
like Bill Gates and Ted Turner
who preside over others
drawn to their leadership,
All to be afforded opportunity
to participate in
the experimenting,
to participate in
our nation's economy.
The decline of America
is seen by the world:
our system of picking leaders
doesn't seem to provide us
a government of, for,
and by the people:
Our government
is corrupt.
Instead of
honest reasoning together
by our so-called
in our legislatures,
we have votes for sale.
Everyone knows it.
Yet our system is so
out of control
we seem to lack the means
to restore a true democracy.
Our politicians
are showing themselves
too corrupt
to change meaningfully
the campaign financing laws
that legalize bribery.
Obviously, the incumbents have
the advantage of
attracting campaign
as bribery for
their legislative actions.
So once in office
they opt for strategies
to stay in office,
to keep the campaign
contributions coming in
rather than make
substantial changes
in our campaign finance laws.
Thus, we now have
dysfunctional government:
legislators who don't really
reason together honestly
and therefore cannot
solve our nation's problems.
We are not using
our incredible
productive capacity
for the good of our people,
the world's people,
and our Earth.
Here is a way
to have power
in worthy hands.
A way of human harmony,
a way of humans thriving.
Here is what
you have been waiting for
The Revolution
A Graceful Revolution
A Perfect Revolution
A Peaceful Revolution
Peaceful because
it will be apparent
to nearly all of us
this is the way.
A New Form of Government
For Our Times
Using television,
the telephone,
the computer
to replace Congress
with the people.
An individual president
or an executive steering group
who proposes law
directly to the people
for their electronic vote
in response.
This proposed method
of national discussion
among the people:
Individual citizens
who feel they have
some message of value
to offer to a national discussion
via keyboard
or in-home video production
have their message
first broadcast
to a small number
of other individuals
for their vote
whether it is worth
broadcasting to a larger group.
If an offering survives
a number of lower levels of approval
it is eventually broadcast
to the whole nation.
The number of levels of approval
can be adjusted
to keep within workable bounds
the demands for attention of the whole nation.
In addition, we can choose
regular discussants
whose opinions
and powers of analysis
we come to value
on all or particular subject areas.
Representative democracy
replaced by direct democracy.
We need a declaration of principles:
What is the essence
of the revolution?
A new way
for humans to treat each other.
Truth, goodness,
humans treating each other honestly,
with an open, sensitive caring
(with the aid of a
post-scarcity abundance
of necessities.)
Capitalism is a mentality
antagonistic to these values.
The revolutionary idea:
respecting individual dignity
and using our incredible
technological capability
in a direct rational way
to create a heavenly abundance
of high quality goods
instead of the incidental
and accidental by-product
of high finance,
and ugly (contra-righteous)
"bottom-line" analysis.
What do we replace capitalism with?
Public Ownership.
We declare the next
thousand years
for the human experiment
to perfect public ownership:
trying to put people
in control of our economic power
who are truly oriented
to serving the people and
the planet
people being treated
fairly and respectfully.
We declare the next
thousand years
for the human experiment
to perfect a system of justice
that actually works to achieve justice,
things happening right
or there is someone in power
who will give ear to reason,
and have the power and ability
and inclination
to make justice happen.
We declare the next
thousand years
to develop social forms
providing maximum opportunity
for the full development
of each individual
and to develop a rich
sense of community
and planetary unity
among all the world's citizens.
A way for truth to prevail
and full human happiness.
That direction
for the millennium to come.
That future for America.
There are truths to be told
of great wrongdoing
by our government
that we need to face
as a whole people
(here on this web site, video, and public access venue)
so the Public will be clear:
Those in power
are unworthy of their power.
[Links to be constructed: examples of our government acting against us:]
The US government
has been letting corporations
harm us
far worse than is generally believed
with radiation byproducts
which are always coming
out of the smoke stacks of all nuclear power stations:
emissions necessary
for their operation
which our corrupt government
therefore obligingly calls
within safe acceptable limits
but in fact cause toxins to get into our milk, our water, and our air:
into our bodies
causing shortened lifespans
malformed and underweight births
breast cancer, leukemia, and prostate cancer
causing diseases to mutate
beyond our means of treatment.
The Public needs to see clearly that nuclear power is a bad idea,
a mistake.]
The truth that will makes us free
as we face what evil our government is guilty of
so that we can free ourselves
of its authority
and choose a new
form of government
that will give the idea
of true democracy
a second chance
in this corrupted land.
Our government has been a cruel monster unto the world
subverting democracy
and freedom.
We need to focus together
on the details of US wrongdoing in each country,
the stories told for us
by willing experts
so that we can, as a whole people,
come to our senses,
seeing that those
in governmental power over us
and the system of public communications
upon which we have depended
for keeping us informed
of what our government was doing
are unworthy of their power
so we can choose authority
worthy of trust,
people to invest with
the powers of leadership
who tell the truth and will really serve the people,
so that we can see clearly
the inadequacy
of our system of public information.
Our commercialized system of public communications
in collusion with
our corrupt government
has been allowing Hitleresque outrages against humanity
to be committed
by our government,
in our name, around the world
with the ugly truth mostly hidden from the public.
The US government has taught torture interrogation techniques
to police forces of many countries
brought here for training
at the so-called
School of the Americas [link:]
supposedly to teach democratic values
but instead taught how to prop up unpopular governments
of US supported dictators, sham democracies, with brutal methods.
The ones in control
of our nation's nervous system
have betrayed us.
Our public communications
have let our government
get away with
horrible wrongdoing
and cynical intrigues around the world.
The media we depended upon
to know what was going on
sold us out,
the people, the public,
sold us out to the government,
repeating their press handouts
as Gospel
when those involved knew
they were lies
and failed to reveal
the evil our government has been committing.
One book we can all read as a Whole People
that provides the details
of the US Government's cruel
and illegal actions
around the world
is Killing Hope,
U.S. Military and CIA Interventions
Since World War II
by William Blum.
(Common Courage Press)
The CIA has operated as
a super-Mafia.
Our CIA and State Department have committed incredible horrors
in so many countries
around the world:
[links to be constructed, by country:] Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, The Congo, Costa Rica, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, East Timor, El Salvador, Equador, Fiji, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Korea, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Seychelles, Soviet Union,  Somalia, Surinam, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, United States, Uruguay, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Zaire.
[One example of many:
There was a cover-up of carnage in the US invasion of Panama
Bush claimed 300 civilian dead when more than 3000 were killed,
many hidden in illegal
mass graves,
bodies put in cars
then run over by tanks
then buried.
Eventually brave
citizens of Panama
unearthed the scandalous deed,
pried open the cars
examined the remains
and found handcuffed soldiers with bullets in their heads
and innocent civilians, whole families, senselessly executed.
(This is a war crime like the US is prosecuting in Bosnia.)
The real object of the pretended drug bust
was to destroy Panama's army
so the US could retain
control of the Canal
and renege on an agreement
that was to go into effect
7 days later,
to transfer control of the canal
to Panama.
The object was to put a puppet government in power.]
We have become like Romans around the world,
a dreaded influence out of touch with real goodness.
That is the change of direction
for American foreign policy
here proposed.
Instead of a Roman-style Pax Americana of US domination
we become a people of goodwill, conscience clear,
A people of truth and honor
A truly positive force
in the world
instead of the
anti-people monster
that the U.S. government
has become.
Not only do we need
a new approach
to foreign policy
in which the US is
a true friend to the world,
we need new control
of the air waves.
We, the people
as the owners
of the airwaves
take them back
and create channels that offer truth.
And that don't abuse
our children.
Public ownership
and control of TV
will allow us
to take money out of politics
providing free access
to the public
for political candidates.
We can save America
the basis here presented
for us to stop and think,
for a change
a simple clear deal:
We give truth a chance
in our lives
and the goodness
of the human heart
and nurture
that goodness.
We choose
to change the game,
new rules to live by
new games to play
work worth doing
in which the
human spirit thrives
compared with jobs under corporate commercialism
and the corrupt culture
it has created.
Corporate employment
is serving a
totalitarian regime.
We, the people
break the grip
of Management,
the totalitarian
pecking order,
in favor of a system
committed to people
respecting each other's
full dignity,
with fairness prevailing:
a system for achieving
justice and fairness
that extends
into the workplace.
We declare,
as part of the new reality that we vote into being,
a post scarcity
economic system,
with an abundance
of high quality necessities,
and a generous
minimum income
for each citizen.
These new features
to our new
economic system:
No income tax.
of all existing debt
on the year 2000,
corporate, etc.
We set the counters back to zero.
On our dollars it says
in God we trust.
In our Pledge of Allegiance
we claim we are
a nation under God.
In Leviticus 25 we are told
God wants
debt canceled
every 50 years.
Surely 2000
divides well
by 50!
$1000 per week
to everyone over 18
every fourth year
or, say, for
2 years every seven,
or we can decide
$1000 a week
for every adult every year.
A streamlined
pension system
for all citizens age 65
and older
$1000 per week for life,
as a way of promoting
heaven on this earth
rather than pie
in the sky
when you die.
So the argument
against taking over
the giant corporations
that pension funds
are at stake
will be of no substance.
The people take
into their own hands
our country's
economic system.
Then we can
go about deliberately
creating 100 million new jobs [link]
jobs worth doing,
at good pay
for every citizen
who wants one
so we can begin
to achieve
a post scarcity
mode of existence,
so we can afford to be good,
so we can afford
to face the truth
and tell the truth.
By giving each citizen
a thousand dollars a week
2 years every seven
or one year every four
or maybe even every single year
we can begin to be clear about what jobs are worth doing
and face which jobs are not.
We can begin to achieve
leadership only
upon freely given consent:
Individuals with
enough economic security
to make free choices of employment.
People will be able
to step out of
unhappy marriages.
We won't need
to waste so much
of our resources
on security, police and prisons.
Peaceful, but
total revolution requires
Free Full education for all,
adults included.
An end to advertising as we know it, those energies
instead of misleading and miseducating people,
utilized for genuinely
positive education.
America as a leader
in education,
full educational
opportunity for all.
A renaissance in education:
A wide range of subject mastery
as the norm.
The full development of the individual,
the moral conscience,
and sense of human solidarity.
Developing a consciousness
about the power dimension
in life's situations:
the dimension of control
as a sensation
a psychological phenomenon
that we all learn
to beware of and share
consciously, knowingly.
Public speaking with a microphone
made comfortable and natural for each citizen-student.
A renaissance
in our system of
higher education,
rethinking our
academic categories
and degrees.
Outreach for the broader public
to experience
living on a university campus
in a learning environment.
Use of television
and the internet
to provide access
for all to our best minds.
A massive effort to accomplish computer literacy
and media literacy
(how media is produced)
for all citizens.
A renaissance
in the library system:
Public ownership
of our bookstore chains,
turning them into reading rooms and libraries
by adding lots
more tables and chairs
and taking away
the obligation or object to buy.
It will save trees
and garbage
and living space.
An investment we can make
in our touted
American ingenuity:
community workshops
where you can make
what you want
in metal, wood, glass, plastic, electronics, ceramic, gardening, etc.
access to all tools,
a tinker's paradise,
an artist's paradise,
an inventor's paradise
bankrupt manufacturing facilities bought for public use.
Let us give thanks to capitalism
and commercialism
for developing our technological capability
but now they are
in the way of progress.
Instead of our economic conditions getting better
instead of real progress
we have the de-industialization of America
the export of manufacturing and associated employment
to countries with pitifully low wages.
Here is a plan for peaceful revolution
for these United States.
Quick. No Fuss. No bloodshed
A graceful transition of power
from the present bad guys to
the best people we can find.
The object: a satisfied feeling
in the heart
that power is in worthy hands,
that we are a government
of and for the People,
for a change.
There is no shortage
of good people
but our present system
for picking political
and economic leaders
filters them out.
Values? Our degenerate politics has the family values advocates
cutting child care,
aid to dependent children
and to expectant mothers,
and low minimum wage,
too low to support a family.
This revolution is about
creating a moral order
in which people try
to do the right thing,
practice human values, honesty, goodness.
Commercialism is a deliberate avoidance of moral values,
human compassion,
human conscience:
a mentality lacking
in human values.
It is no secret.
The amorality
of the business world
is openly described
in Economics courses.
Occasionally there is some PR
put out to hide it.
We as a people
have to declare our faith
in a moral order
of people trying to be good
to each other,
kind, honest, fair,
genuinely helpful,
instead of the business world's
phony, "Can I help you?"
We can choose
as a whole people
a higher path
than the cruel ways
of the business world
A way of goodness
humans helping each other,
instead of competition
and greed.
is like a cancer
upon humanity
A pathological force
a destructive force
that is in the way
of our progress,
taking more than giving,
in every situation
every human interaction
doing whatever
it can get away with
for profit
taking advantage of
legal systems
designed for human beings
of flesh and conscience.
By our letting the
Commercial forces
dominate our culture
we have done harm
to our children
and brought things down
to low moral levels,
debasing our humanity
glamorizing violence
and aggression
making a person's looks
so important
that many people,
particularly women,
feel nearly worthless.
[link to construct, examples:]
[For example,
Revlon pulled
all its advertising
from Ms. Magazine
because they had a cover story
about a woman
who made it in business
and she wasn't wearing
any makeup.]
erodes goodwill
by preying upon it,
preying upon
the human impulse
to trust and care,
creating bitterness
in its wake of disappointment
and frustration.
We have to rebuild
goodwill and human trust.
We have to rebuild our culture
for Reason and goodness
to prevail.
Again we try to build
a real democracy.
We learn how to live
as human beings
who can feel
each other's pain
and learn how
to reason with one another
and how to listen
to each another.
What is the problem?
The 1% at the top
that run the economy
and the government
have been conning
the public
that for the other 99%
to run the economy and government
would defy
the laws of human nature,
as if the premise
of democracy itself ,
that people could run
their own affairs
were itself
a faulty premise.
What do we replace
commercialism with?
Public Ownership
and a commitment to righteousness.
That's what
the next thousand years
of human history
will explore and perfect,
to Save Our Planet
from the bottom-line guys.
is an irresponsible force.
We can do better.
We can choose
the moral path
as a Whole People
because we know
in our hearts
it is the right path.
Peaceful Revolution:
Fundamental Changes
A new pluralism,
a new federalism:
providing places to live
and economic facilities to run
for intentional
of kindred spirits
based on any set of
ideas or preferences
that can attract a group,
in addition
to the usual criteria
people tend toward:
race, ethnicity,
and sexual preference.
We give each citizen
the choice
who wants to live
or all black,
all white,
all Asian,
all whatever
or particular mixtures,
and we generously
provide opportunities
for every group
to have their place in the sun
a share of the land,
a fair share of the economy.
For those who choose to live racially integrated
it will mean the benefit
of full cooperation
among truly committed souls
so their goal
of eliminating
racial discrimination
within their communities
can actually be achieved.
A new national religion
to unify us:
We, the People
will declare
what Principles to uphold,
as sacred,
preciously important.
We gather regularly in groups
of say, at least 7 or 10,
say, at sundown,
noon and sunset,
and declare our faith
in being good,
in doing the right thing
in human situations.
We declare and share
and support
our commitment to
human solidarity.
Truth held forth
as our cardinal value
Truth to save America
from its Decline
to recognize the evil
that our government
has done to its citizens
and to people around the world
subverting democracy
sabotaging socialism.
We have been manipulated
with lies
that have resulted in
needless wars,
the needless deaths
of millions,
military spending
that transferred wealth
from poor to rich.
We can be a prosperous
thriving people,
a true help-mate
to the world.
We have
the technical means
for an intelligent
but commercialism
is in the way of progress.
has resulted in
our de-industrialization
and the impoverishment
of many by
exporting jobs,
ruthlessly downsizing.
We choose
as a whole people
to reject commercialism
as a pathological force,
a destructive force,
that pollutes our public communications
corrupts our language
degrades our culture
and undermines
our moral fiber.
A quick revolution,
before the bad guys
can shoot us down,
coming in low
under their radar,
low budget
a simple matter of reason,
the obvious truth
laid out,
along with its logical ramifications:
recognizing certain truths
for us to consider
as a whole People,
identifying some
human Principles
for us to uphold:
The idea of a People
choosing to uphold
the values of goodness
and the related virtues,
kindness, honor, openness, righteousness, honesty,
A new system of Justice
for our beloved country
dedicated to making Justice happen.
A new kind of Judge
open to reason
directly by the parties,
a full and fair hearing
by an investigative judge
able to move freely
and decide quickly:
without needless delay
before the public
over televideo.
A new kind of Judge,
not chosen as so many of our Judges now,
according to some other agenda than merit,
but unusually open
and resourceful minds
with a psychology
and integrity
especially gifted
for making justice happen.
Such people are around,
especially among those born January-February.
[go to Birthday Discovery page]
What is this justice?
It is a satisfied feeling
in the heart,
an informed heart,
that things are made right,
as right as can be.
Writers of TV dramas
and literature
generally appeal
to that human sense.
The audiences
that sit through movies
expressing together
their approval of a story
give us proof
of the existence
of such a general
human sense of justice
the idea of things
coming out right.
As to ownership
of the smaller
commercial corporations,
our Judges will oversee
the redistribution
of ownership
on a case by case basis.
The employees
can challenge the owners
of businesses
as to who
better to own
an enterprise
and the Judges
will investigate,
hold elections if necessary
and make
a determination
who best to own
and control each business.
The forces of wealth
have used home ownership
as a tactic
to create
a sense of vested interest
in our lopsided system
of private ownership
with our government
having given to banks
and S & L's
valuable mortgage insurance.
With the cancellation
of debt in 2000,
all mortgages
will be paid off.
There will be some
changes of
residential ownership
to provide for
intentional communities
as earlier described.
The forces of wealth
who control public communications
and the flow of information
put out the spin
that public ownership
of our corporations
is a bad idea,
can't work,
defies human nature.
An assertion
maintained by the system,
the Establishment,
with lies
and unlimited cruelty.
Along these lies
they have our public
that the demise of
the Soviet Union
is proof
that socialism
as an idea
is dead.
The US took aim
upon the Soviet system
because it stood for socialism
and deliberately destroyed it.
We isolated them
and denied them technology.
We used our
sevenfold superiority
of economic size
to bankrupt them.
The US knowingly
played upon Soviet priorities
of military spending for security,
with hostile provocations
when their military budgets
were being considered.
The demise of the Soviet Union cost us trillions in debt
that are now resulting
in drastic cuts
in our social services
to pay off that debt.
What we pay for
the interest on that debt
is more than
the US government
spends for health,
education, and welfare,
That debt is to be
all canceled
in an instant
by We, the People,
as an act of our
sovereign will,
the resulting bankrupt banks
taken over by the people,
with a safety net provided
for citizen savers not to suffer.
Life in the former Soviet Union
under so-called
free enterprise
is far worse
for the vast majority
of its people
and they know it.
The US has been tampering with elections there
to keep the lid on,
supporting Yeltsin
even after he demonstrated contempt for real democracy
actually opening fire
and shelling their parliament
to seize power
refusing to stand
for reelection
as required in their constitution
when he disbanded parliament.
He even ordered the parliamentarians
physically beaten
after they surrendered.
Yeltsin then tampered with their High Court,
provoking resignations,
falsified election results,
and prevented
political candidates
from criticizing on TV
his proposed
new constitution
giving him more dictatorial powers,
making a mockery
of democracy.
The US helped him
draft that constitution.
Yeltsin has presided
over a transfer
of much of Russia's natural resource wealth
to foreign corporations,
forests the size of Texas
sold off
with little benefit
to the people.
The US was after
commercialism in Russia,
not democracy.
Same goes for
the criminal policies
of the US toward Cuba.
The economic warfare
the US wages against Cuba
amounts to
a modern day siege.
The US uses its vast network
of embassies around the world
to monitor any trade with or investment in Cuba
and threatens
whoever is responsible
not to engender the wrath
of the sole reigning superpower.
This is flatly prohibited
by the Charter of
the United Nations
which declares that
no member nation shall use economic warfare
against another
for the purpose of
trying to effect
internal political changes.
That is exactly
the US publicly
stated purpose.
The US hostility against Cuba is driven by the need
to stamp out any experiment in Socialism
tending to demonstrate
that an economic system
based upon
people helping each other
human solidarity
as opposed to human greed
could succeed.
We are supposed to believe
that defies the laws
of human nature.
But the Cuban people
enduring the cruel siege
for more than
38 years
---Israel fell after
a Roman siege of 7 years---
is proof of the viability
of their socialism.
If the American People
were free to travel to Cuba
they would readily see socialism works in Cuba.
The spirit of human solidarity there is robust.
It would begin to dawn
that the US government has been fooling us about Cuba.
It would become clear that
it is our government
that needs overthrowing
not Cuba's.
The Revolution:
we replace the present ones
in control
with good people
people we know are good people.
We actually
choose our best people
to lead us
and to be our Judges.
Revolution: The truth
finally prevailing
A People taking
for themselves,
into their own hands
the TV Networks
and media empires
as a new branch of government.
Instead of auctioning off
the spectrum
to the world's wealth
the people take back
the airwaves
and entrust them to goodness
to truth, to art, to justice.
The revolution made peaceful:
useful principles to make clear
---like laying down the law---
that this is indeed the right way
the wealth of a nation
owned by its people
this nation
every nation
or better yet and to come:
all by all.
Public ownership of the public corporations
in partnership with the employees.
Return of the family farm.
We pull the plug on waste, on pesticides, herbicides
and other needless pathologies of our marketplace.
We pull the plug on the Pentagon and the CIA
as about domination, not defense
about cynical acts of criminality and subversion
more than intelligence gathering.
We pull the plug on
prison building
and prisons generally
as a form of torture
life under a Big Brother.
We pull the plug
on privatization
both in this country
and pushed upon other countries
by the IMF and World Bank.
In sum, We redistribute
the wealth of the Nation
from the few to all of us.
We replace
amoral commercialism with
morality and reason.
We go post-scarcity.
We use our incredible capacity
to create
an abundance of high quality
timelessly simple necessities
with a social order based on truth in public communications,
We take money out of politics
and opt for far more
direct public participation:
We become a people
of their word
for a change
who honor their Treaties.
A people of good will
human kindness prevailing,
and human honesty
people able to afford being honest
able to pay all their bills
No income taxes. No debt.
A thousand a week
to every adult
every fourth year, or so,
so each can afford to
climb out of the rut of wasted lives.
The creation of enough good jobs for all
at good pay
so that all can afford to live decently and with dignity.
The wealth of America
enjoyed by an honorable people
willing to face the truth.
[links of examples:]
[Public ownership of the food processing industry
will mean a dramatic
in the quality
and nutritional value
of what is placed
on supermarket shelves,
treating the consumer
as the owner rather than
profit's victim.
Public ownership of the pharmaceutical industry
will result in much more
invested in
scientific research
---at least a tenfold increase!---
without the limitation
of present day marketing considerations
such as which diseases
are the more profitable to treat.
Public ownership
of the oil industry
will mean far more effort
to achieve
solar energy
and other sustainable
energy sources,
which the oil industry
has been hostile toward,
and has used its great powers
to prevent,
often buying out
and patents
simply to prevent
competing systems
reaching the public.
We will stop
the incredible squander
of millions of years' fossil fuel
irresponsibly consumed
in less than a hundred years.]
It is not that hard to imagine
at some point in time,
perhaps close at hand,
a scandalous revelation
of just one of the myriad horrors
the Establishment is guilty of
resulting in a public
suddenly becoming
so disenchanted with our government
and corporate leadership
that they are in the mood
for a revolution.
But then
they will need to know
that a plan for revolution
is available.
That is the idea here:
to make it clear
to the public
in advance
that there is
such a plan around,
that a peaceful,
but total revolution
is thinkable and possible.
So when the time comes,
to kick out the Establishment,
the militias won't take over
by default
or through unsuccessful
resort to violence
will not set it up
for the Establishment's
military to step in
to make order.
Just one or two
scandalous revelations
of the hundreds of examples
of CIA wrongdoing
as detailed in Killing Hope
by William Blum
and hundreds of other books
and articles
could set the public off.
The exposure of the CIA
bringing crack into LA
was one such scandalous revelation.
The little part
that came to public light
of CIA misdeeds in Guatemala
caused some ripples of public amazement.
In the time before the year 2000
we can polish the plan
into self-evident obviousness
and launch discussions
in each locality
what changes need to be brought about locally
for a just and fair society.
The comfortable old boy network
between the wealthy, the media, and the government
exposed, retired, and replaced
with real democracy.
The idea is for
the articulation of a plan
for Peaceful, but Total Revolution
to be made so clear
that it is suitable
to be voted into being
by the people,
probably in
an extraordinary vote,
that gets around the Establishment's grip
of the electoral process
by some creative means
that manages
to demonstrate to us all
the vast majority supports
the changes called for here.
Here is answer at last
to that question
to theYouth of the 60's
that put them on the spot:
"You only want to
tear down society
but what do you have
to put in its place?"
Your comments on the plan for peaceful revolution are welcome.
Help is needed.
Joe Friendly
203 West 107th Street, Apt. 8A
New York, NY 10025-3025
(212) 864-2828
Q & A:
Question: Why bother making a plan for revolution?
Answer:  At times the public is ready for the big changes our country really needs.
Presently, we have a public clearly aware votes are for sale
in Washington and that
our so-called democracy's representatives
are not representing us and not solving our nationís problems.
But there has been lacking
in the public mind
a coherent vision of an alternative.
The idea is to make peaceful revolution thinkable!
"Don't we all know revolution can't possibly be peaceful,
because the rich will never give up their power without a fight?"
Answer: Although history suggests
violence might be necessary
with the internet
we might get lucky!
and the more we can work out
in advance
the less violence is likely.
In sum:
power transferred gracefully
in the name of reason,
in the name of humanity,
a Revolutionary Council
that will discuss over TV the future of our country
and oversee a redistribution of political and economic power.
Noam Chomsky Howard Zinn
Barbara Ehrenreich bell hooks
Edward Herman Dolores Huerta
Ralph Nader Elaine Bernard
Michio Kaku Brian Wilson Edward Said Michael Parenti
Mumia Abu-Jamal Lori Berenson
Leonard Peltier Assata Shakur Father Roy Bourgeois
Molly Ivins David Himmelstein Michael Moore Jim Hightower
Ward Churchill, Alice Walker
Angela Davis Jacqui Alexander
Hon. Marvin Shoop Ron Dellums William Hartung Ed Asnser
Barry Commoner Jay M.Gould
Stephen Jay Gould Don Rojas
Doug Henwood David Korten
Ramsey Clark Dennis Banks
Tom Hayden Ron Conyers
Dan Ellsberg
Garry Trudeau Jules Feiffer Jackson Brown Tracy Chapman Richie Havens
Tom Tommorrow Perkins
Amy Goodman Allan Nairn Michael Albert Lydia Sargent
Lucius Walker Gail Walker
Dee Dee Halleck Joel Kovel
Ralph McGeehee Philip Agee John Stockwell Connie Hogarth
Samori Marksman Gloria LaRiva
Robert Parry Gary Webb Charles Scheiner Jane Franklin Blanche Weisen Cook
Medea Benjamin Utrice Leid
Gil Noble Dendon Kimante
Holly Sklar Jeff Cohen
Sara Flounders Zalman Schecter
Dharuba Bin Wahad Key Martin
Katrina van dan Heuvel
William Schaap Mark Green Marie Runyon Hon. Bruce Wright
Bernie Goodman Robert Knight
Martin A. Lee Robin Lloyd
Andy Humm Danny Schechter
Frank Morrow Peter Kornbluh William Thomas Donna Katzin
Honorary Members: Fidel Castro, Helen Caldicott
Daniel Ortega Nelson Mandela
Subcommandante Marcos
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